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April 26, 2023 · Made by Shruti

Hakku Vest

inspired by Rain

Hi there! This is my first project in the series of sound and knitting. Rain sound sometimes makes me calm and other times leaves me unsettled. I wouldn't describe myself as a devoted rain lover, but occasionally I enjoy as a change of scenery. The continuous sound of pouring numbs my ears and blurs my vision.


When I reached the location, I ordered pistachios tart with cold match tea in an attempt to soothe my emotions. I spent around thirty minutes listening to the sound. I chose a fuzzy multicoloured yarn. I was intrigued by the water drops falling sound after the rain. There was long pause before one could hear its landing and some fell consistently.


I randomly casted my stitches and began knitting, intending to create two separate pieces and determine the silhouette later. I became engrossed in my knitting and listening to the rain sound. Unknowingly, I joined my stitches and began knitting in round. Although I noticed this joint, I didn't want to interrupt the flow. The falling droplets inspired me to drop the stitches randomly and creating a distress look. 


The fuzzy texture resembles the numbness induced by the sound of rain, while the busy pattern effectively camouflages the droplet texture, creating the illusion of a continuous sound.


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