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Jun 7, 2023 · Made by Shruti

MemoryLane Top

inspired by Hachiko bus song

Hello there! This project holds many memories and demonstrates how sound can impact creativity in colour choices. As usual, I decided to choose white yarn and random needle, directing my attention toward the sounds and their effects on my knitting. Working on the Hachiko bus song ハチ公バスのうた (Hachiko-basu no Uta) was on list from the beginning, as it reminded me of my school days, every time I listen. The melody is nostalgic, and my mind is filled with memories of school and sports days. Before I began this series, the song inspired me to envision various designs using white yarn. Therefore, I instinctively went with the white elastic yarn. 

Hachiko Bus Song

It began with the image of a white collared shirt that I used to wear during sports days, but as I continued knitting, the colour and the design altered. Back in the school, we had a colour house for sports day, and the allotment of the house was spontaneous. I remember tying a ribbon around my wrist and rooting for my 'house' on sports day. I chose yellow, red, green and blue colour yarn. I played with needles and yarn for the initial sample to get the gist. I loved the arching and droopy fall on one side and wanted to implement a similar style on the final knit pieces. 

I knitted a red panel with ribbing and cable for texture. Next was a long yellow strip with a basket design. The green and blue were connecting pieces. The unexpected white ruffle toned down the overpowering yellow and red. Now that I notice, the busy pattern and connectedness are a remnant of the memory of sports days. A busy day with bustling students and teachers, all cheering for their 'house' but still tied together by friendliness.

Like others, this one came along with many learning and new experiences. Sound can reach the depths of your heart, and you knit them mindlessly. The influence on colour preferences was unexpected, with gentle persuasion from the song transitioning from white to red, blue, yellow, and green. I am excited to explore various sounds and knit unique pieces to each.


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