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Wool Tunes

Analysing the Creativity in Knitting Process

              It delves into the realm of know-how in the craft of knitting. Mastery of textile skills demands precise and subtle hand movements. These skills are honed through dedicated and patient practice, enabling practitioners to acquire the necessary expertise. Beyond skill acquisition, what else do practitioners glean from their craft? I use sound to investigation of my skills and knowledge to better grasp the concept of embodiment.It is also a component to tease my creativity, build unique silhouettes, and experiment with colours, yarns, needles, and patterns.

              How does sound aid me in exploring embodied knowing? My inspiration is derived from the sensory and emotional dimensions conveyed through sound. Additionally, it encourages a dialogue with materials and tools, where I respond to their inherent capabilities and experiment with various manipulations. This process empowers me as a maker, enabling me to envision how I can work with materials and design my projects. It is time-consuming, but it rewards me with insightful knowledge. I maintain a journal to document my learning, thoughts, and analyses, aiming to gain a deeper understanding of the craft. Currently, I am concentrating on abstract knitting, with my next goal being to explore the innate mathematical abilities of knitters in creating intricate designs and understanding the problem-solving skills of those involved in advanced knitting projects. 

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