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Jun 24, 2023 · Made by Shruti

Summer Fling

inspired by Ajisai Matsuri

Hi there! I took trip to Kaisei Town to attend Kaisei Ajisai Matsuri. The journey is divided into two parts, each accompanied by a variety of sounds that I experienced during my visit. The town was surrounded by various sounds, such as wind chimes, irrigation sounds, water streams, people chattering, music and more. I intend to incorporate the sound recording I've captured into my future knitting projects.

Ajisai Matsuri 1
Ajisai Matsuri 2

For this piece, I was inspired by the overall experience of sound and visuals. The colourful hydrangea and green fields complemented the diverse range of sound, coming together in a soothing harmony that pleased both the sense of hearing and sight. With my previous projects, it was the sense of sound that captivated me and kept me focused on my knitting. However, this time, my visual and auditory senses harmoniously converged to engage me fully. The yarn I bought together with me beautifully captured the essence of my motions and inspired new ideas to work on the piece. I ended up using a different yarn and added beads. I didn't notice but I missed the loop but loved how it unravelled and decided to use it for this project.


The initial idea was to knit a cropped collared shirt as the weather was getting hot. Throughout the process, it evolved into a V-neck vest and ultimately settled on a tank top. The tank top has room for improvement in matters of sizing, which is fixable. It's funny how it fits perfectly given that both arm sides are uneven. Instead of unwinding the project, I continued knitting, and one side was an 'armhole' and the other a 'V-neck' shaping.

Nevertheless, it gives off breezy summer or beach vibes. The beads just came along as if they were waiting for this moment, and I love the subtle sound they make when I walk. The matsuri was bustling with different sounds; it never overpowered my senses but made me feel light and encouraged me to explore more. The beads resemble the cluster of hydrangea flowers and the sound transcending through them. 


I have to say this is one of my favourite pieces I have knitted and most complemented by everyone. I can see it in various silhouettes like a long slip dress or a mini skirt.


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